The NBA’s next move on Donald Sterling

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A report has surfaced that claims the NBA is considering a countersuit against Donald Sterling. The disgraced Los Angeles Clippers’ owner has been on and off the fence about whether or not he’ll sue the NBA (and anyone else who looks at him funny) over potentially losing the Clippers.

The NBA and it’s owners are in the process of forcing Sterling to sell the team (for a reported $2 Billion), but Sterling, and his indecisiveness has led him to suing the league and hiring investigators to dig up dirt on other NBA owners. Now the NBA is reportedly looking into a countersuit against Sterling.

The league will answer Sterling’s complaint by August 11, and sources tell SI.com there is a good chance the league will countersue Sterling. The NBA could raise a tortious interference with contractual relations claim, and contend that Sterling has interfered in the business relations of the NBA and one of its franchises by interfering with the sale of the team.

Look, we knew this would get way uglier, before it became civil. The thing with powerful people and their pride is they don’t often go down without a good scrap. Sterling also has enough money to make this thing draft out forever. This dilemma is certainly worth keeping an eye on as we roll into the NBA’s off season.

Should the NBA file a countersuit?



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