Nene calls out Kevin Durant’s ball handling skills

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Nene called out Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Durant

Washington Wizards big man Nene had a lot on his mind when speaking about the Oklahoma City Thunder. First, Nene called out center Kendrick Perkins for essentially being worthless on the court outside of his physical tactics. Nene apparently isn’t a big fan of Perkins slobbery scowl and bullish ways. But the topic soon jumped to Kevin Durant and his superiority. Nene praised KD for his skills and physical tools, but took a jab at his ball handling skills.


“First of all, pray,” he said of how the Wizards were able to hold Durant to 8-for-21 shooting. “Second, have good luck. The third,  do your best. That dude is very skilled, long body, tall, skinny but strong for that kind of body — and the referees are allowing him to carry the ball.”

It’s pretty evident that the majority of NBA players carry the ball. In fact, the last 20 years have been filled with players that have brought more of a street ball game to the NBA. Players like Allen Iverson, Jason Williams, Kobe Bryant, Jamal Crawford and others have brought a different element of ball handling to the NBA. Point is, Durant doesn’t do anything different with the ball that any other swing man or guard does in today’s NBA. Relax, Nene.

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