Nets Not Pressured To Make A Trade

  • Mark Evans

As soon as a good team begins to struggle, rumors start flying about potential trades that could help “save” their season. In the social media, it’s pretty easy for some of this speculation to catch a lot of wind and make a lot of people believers in something completely hypothetical.

This has been happening with the Brooklyn Nets as of late, with the latest rumor involving Josh Smith coming to Brooklyn. According to General Manager Billy King, the team does not feel pressure to make a trade, and will not do so just for the sake of it. Via the New York Post:

The NBA trade deadline is just over a week away (3 p.m. on Feb. 21), but Nets general manager Billy King doesn’t feel pressure to make a deal.

“I think we’ve had our peaks and valleys, our ebbs and flows, and right now we’re definitely in an ebb,” King said before last night’s 89-84 overtime win over the Pacers. “Can we correct it? Yes. Do I believe this group can regroup and play well? Yes.

“Are we going to make a trade? I’m not going to make a trade just to make a trade.”

Management put a lot into this team with a new arena, retaining Deron Williams, and acquiring Joe Johnson. With that in mind, you have to believe King when he says that the organization believes in the roster. Every team has highs and lows throughout the course of an 82 game season, and the Nets can still be a major threat in a thin Eastern Conference.

The team already overreacted when they fired head coach Avery Johnson earlier in the season. They won’t overreact that badly twice in one season, will they?

-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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