New York Knicks Fire Mike Woodson

  • Mark Evans


Well, we all knew this was coming, right?

It seems almost like a formality at this point, but the New York Knicks have officially relieved head coach Mike Woodson of his duties, according to the NYK PR.

As you can see in the tweet, it seems as if Phil Jackson has taken this a step further by relieving the entire coaching staff, not just Woodson. This isn’t terribly surprising, as many assumed that Phil would want a fresh start with a franchise that has been such a mess this season.

Woodson was thought to have been on the hot seat for a while now, and it is official. There have been rumblings that Steve Kerr will be New York’s new coach sooner rather than later, as Kerr has a great relationship with Jackson. It’d be an interesting hire, as Kerr’s lack of coaching experience is obvious.

Poor Mike Woodson.


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