Video: Nicolas Batum hits Juan Carlos Navarro Below the Belt

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Nicolas Batum tries to hit Juan Carlos Navarro below belt.
Photo Credit: wikipedia.org/Creative Commons

There is an unwritten, yet well-known rule amongst men: hitting another dude below the belt is a no-go. As a man, you’d rather have someone swing for your face then try and nail you in the groin. Apparently, France’s Nicolas Batum never got the memo, since late in France’s game against Spain, Batum nailed Spain guard Juan Carlos Navarro right in the man region.

Clearly frustrated, as France was seconds away from their inevitable 66-59 loss to the Spaniards, Batum came full force toward Navarro to give a foul, except he took it way too far. With a closed fist, Batum charged toward Navarro and took a completely unnecessary swing.

Here’s the video courtesy of CBSsports.com’s Royce Young :


Obviously, this was a ridiculous display by Batum, and will require some disciplinary action from FIBA. Knowing David Stern, I wouldn’t be shocked if he at least tried to suspend Batum from NBA action even if the atrocious display didn’t happen in an NBA sanctioned event.

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