Nike designer to injured Adidas endorser Derrick Rose: “You Chose Poorly Pooh”

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Nike designer, Jason Petrie, made a very insensitive remark via twitter Saturday night, just after the season killing injury of Chicago Bulls star, Derrick Rose. The Bulls leader suffered a season-ending ACL tear during the Chicago Bulls’ 103-91 win over the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 1 of their first-round playoff series, and was accused of picking poorly by choosing Adidas over Nike. At least in Petrie’s book.

Jason Petrie, a senior footwear designer at Nike, would go on to tweet:

Petrie is referencing LeBron James in the beginning of his tweet, because ‘Bron endorses and wears the shoes that Petrie designed. Pooh is the nickname given to Rose by his grandmother when Derrick was a little kid. The animosity comes from Rose recently choosing to sign a 13 year deal with Adidas worth more than $200 million. Apparently, in Petrie’s mind, had D-Rose choose Nike over Adidas this potentially career altering injury never would have happened.

This guy sounds very pompous if you ask me. He would later tweet:

This guy needs a wake up call. The last tweet that really had me thinking how the hell is this guy is a Nike employee was this:








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12 Responses to Nike designer to injured Adidas endorser Derrick Rose: “You Chose Poorly Pooh”

  • Jason Petrie, I hope you die this week

  • So Brandon, you’re no better than the Petrie guy. Got to love stupidity.

  • JPetrie ~ Have you never heard the quote ~ “It is better to remain silent and thought the fool, than opening one’s mouth and removing all doubt” ?? (Abe Lincoln) Well, you certainly have confirmed ~ you are the biggest fool to come to light recently. I’m thinkin’ ~ lower than dirt. “Petri”-e dish ~ a small glass container to grow bits of bacteria!

  • Pretty low class and unprofessional comments….disciplinary action is definitely required

  • jason Petrie sounds typical of NIKE, who picked the big ICK to represent their products (Michael V’Ick, the torturer of animals). I no longer buy NIKE because of that, and would choose Adidas anyday. It wasn’t the shoe that injured Rose, it was an accident.

  • Tasteless!!! This guy really gives Nike a bad name!

  • Jason Petrie is an immature, insensitive idiot.Hey Jason, why don’t you just kill yourself? Thanks.

  • What a NO CLASS jerk,D Rose is one of the classiest guys in the nba and its heart breakin what happened to him on sat and thru out the year…Im DONE with nike,Im now an adidas wearin fool…my prayers and thoughts are with you D…remember the same thing happened to MJ in his second year,you’ll be awesome next year and this is comin from a Hawks fan

  • Leave Jason Petrie alone – he believes that he’s Michael Jordan and can say what he wants. He’s delusional.

  • Well, just goes to show you the mentatlity of some of the LeBron followers. Maybe he should take his talents to South Beach as well. Mr. Petrie, I have worn your shoes and have bought my children and grandchildren your shoes, as well as Adidas over the years and I must say, I will never purchase another pair of Nikes as long as I live. The injury had nothing to do with the shoes and your remark that “if you’re not with me, you’re against me”, just shows the class of the person issuing the remark, or should I say lack of class. From an average person’s perspective and viewpoint, I do hope that someone from Nike does look into this and if they want their product to be promoted in a “positive” aspect, then maybe they need to have someone else designing their shoes for them.

  • just my guess but this guy probably lives in new york. they are a bunch of wonderful classy people there.

  • I have family that work at both Nike and Adidas (how convenient both headquarters are in my city), in any case in companies these size there will always be some idiot spouting his mouth off… I’m sure this guy got spoken to today for sure!

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