O.J. Mayo says he has the tape of his showdown against Michael Jordan

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O.J. Mayo says he has the tape of his game against Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan, in one of the more entertaining interviews you’ll see,  told us who he would like to play one-on-one against. Jordan tossed out names such as Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and told us he thinks he would beat them all. The only player he said he may lose to is Kobe Bryant, and that is because he stole his moves. However, another great anecdote during the interview was the famous one-on-one battle he had with current Milwaukee Bucks guard, O.J. Mayo.

Jordan said that Mayo was the top high school kid in his camp when he started talking trash. Mayo apparently said that Jordan couldn’t check him which led the ultra competitive Jordan to send the kids to bed so that he could go at Mayo. Jordan said that he taught Mayo a “lesson” and won every game.

At the end of the Mayo bit, Jordan said he “wish he had the tape” of the games. Well alas, good ol’ reliable O.J. Mayo, has stepped up to the Twitter table. In a tweet, Mayo said he has the tape of the one-on-one beatdown and that he made Jordan “turn it up.”


That may not be a tape you want to hit the public, Mayo. Although, I’m willing to bet someone would pay a nice price to get their hands on that tape. Time to show us the evidence, Mayo!

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  • Mayo could make alot of money if he markets that tape . To see MJ at his best that should be on pay per view. But still to me MJ went out on top and nobody knocked him from it yet.

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