Oklahoma City Thunder offered the Knicks a first round pick for Iman Shumpert

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The Thunder offered a first round pick for Iman Shumpert

The New York Knicks have been dire straits lately and landing a point guard at the trade deadline was deemed critical. However, the deadline came and went without any moves made by the Knicks. This could have been contributed to Iman Shumpert hurting his knee the day before the trade deadline. It was later revealed that Shumpert sprained his left knee which scared off the Los Angeles Clippers from pulling the trigger on a trade that would have landed the Knicks a much needed point guard in Darren Collison. But that wasn’t the only offer the Knicks had for their young guard. The Oklahoma City Thunder were in the market for a perimeter defender and according to sources, offered the Knicks a first round pick for Shumpert. The Knicks, although lacking first round picks, said no thanks as the price of a late first round pick wasn’t up to par in their minds for Iman.

Via ESPN/True Hoop:

Even after Shumpert suffered a strained left MCL in a Knicks loss last Wednesday, Oklahoma City was willing to part with this season’s first-round draft pick to land the Knicks shooting guard, according to sources with knowledge of the trade discussions. The Knicks, however, refused to do the deal because they weren’t getting a current player in return who could help them make a push for this season’s Eastern Conference playoffs. At the end of the day, they deemed Shumpert more valuable than the 28th pick (or whatever low pick OKC gets) of the draft, sources said. 

The Knicks’ priority all along in trading Shumpert was to attach Raymond Felton‘s contract to the deal and get a solid point guard in return. That nearly happened with the Clippers. 

While Shumpert’s injury did not deter the Thunder, it did kill the Knicks’ hopes of sending him to Los Angeles. Clippers coach Doc Rivers really wanted Shumpert, sources say, and Rivers was willing to do a deal that would have sent Darren CollisonMatt BarnesByron Mullens and two second-round picks to New York for Shumpert, Felton and Beno Udrih. But Clippers owner Donald Sterling and others within the organization were hesitant to bet on Shumpert after seeing him go down in Wednesday’s game at New Orleans, according to sources. 

It makes sense that the Knicks would reject a trade with the Oklahoma City Thunder involving a first round pick. The Thunder are a perennial top five NBA team which would net the Knicks a late first round pick. Even with two straight losses, the Thunder still have the NBA’s best record at 43-14. Since the Knicks need a point guard, they were probably hoping for Reggie Jackson in return, but the Thunder aren’t about to part with their young budding point guard. The Knicks seemed like they decided that the season is already a mess and it isn’t worth losing more future first round picks or trading the few young assets they have. This is a good thing considering the Knicks have made some head scratching moves over the last couple of years.

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