Pau Gasol Expects To Be Traded This Season

  • Mark Evans

Trade talks have been swirling around the Los Angeles Lakers as their struggles get worse and worse, and their shot at making the playoffs begins to fade away.

Pau Gasol has been at the center of these conversations, as the team is probably already committed to keeping Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant; and what would you be able to get for Steve Nash at this point?

According to Yahoo Sports, the 7 foot big man privately expects to be traded at some point this season.

Nevertheless, D’Antoni has marginalized Gasol, leaving him livid and privately expecting to be traded before the February deadline for an athletic forward who fits his coaching designs. Buss believed that Nash had been neutralized in the Princeton offense, sources say, and that he would never flourish with the changes – blessed by the organization over the summer, by the way – that Brown implemented for the season.

Keep in mind, the team has previously agreed to trade Gasol when they tried to acquire Chris Paul from the New Orleans Hornets. Of course, the deal got overturned by David Stern, and Pau remained a Laker.

A few names have been thrown around, but you have to think there are more issues than just Pau Gasol on this team. People believe Josh Smith could be a good fit as a power forward who could bring some extra athleticism to a team that is looking pretty old.

-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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3 Responses to Pau Gasol Expects To Be Traded This Season

  • Once again, Trevor Ariza and Nene for Gasol makes a lot of sense. The Person to get rid of is D’Antoni, who doesn’t have a clue what he is doing. He should resign immediately, if not sooner. Jim Buss needs to go right after D’Antoni leaves. He has no idea what he is doing either. Too bad his father, who is such a great man, doesn’t see this.

  • the lakers need a new coach, Pau needs to be traded,and why doesn’t nash shoot the ball more,half the time nobody is covering him when he passes the ball,the talent is their somebody needs to do something with it, our assitant coaches win more games for us , I have been a laker fan my hole life and what is happening really sucks, somebody do something, like Jerry Buss are you watching any laker games. GO LAKERS.

  • I’d have to agree with both comments, I have to say that the way the lakers played in last nights game against Utah, was what all of us were thinking, when this team was put together. I think that if Kobe can play the way he did last night (facilitator) then that will give the 4 other players on the floor a chance to contribute and spread the floor.

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