Paul George says ‘catfish’ story is not true, and he knows the ‘girl’

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Paul George says that he was not catfished

Paul George has had a rough past few months. Back in early February, a report surfaced about George possibly being the father of a Miami stripper. Normally this wouldn’t be a huge issue but George was rumored to be dating Callie Rivers, who is the daughter of Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers. Couple this with the Indiana Pacers struggling the past month or two, and it would seem that George’s mind might be elsewhere.

If the Miami Stripper story and the Pacers struggling wasn’t enough to have the Pacers distracted, George’s latest incident surely seems like it will. The story broke last Saturday morning when George appeared on a “gossip website” that said he was catfished by another man. The photos clearly show Paul George, but apparently they are fake according to George.

Via Indy Star:

“The whole story, as far as me being catfished, I know the girl that sent the pictures out,” George said after the Pacers’ shootaround. “It wasn’t a catfish story, it was a girl – I don’t want to get into the story but I know who’s behind it.”

“I’m good. A lot of it is just stuff trying to bring me down,” George said. “I’m good with it. The thing that just came out, it’s all a fake. It really don’t have any wear on me because I know it’s not true.”

This entire story seems like a mess. George should stay away from social media – or at least until the end of the season. Right now the Pacers have the best record in the Eastern Conference and that’s all they should be focused on. It will be interesting to see how these stories will play a role in the outcome of the Pacers season. As of right now, it’s looking like the Pacers could implode moving into the most important part of the NBA season. Stay tuned…

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