Philadelphia 76ers Have “Bounced Around” Idea Of Trading Michael Carter-Williams

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Nobody was as surprised as me when Philadelphia 76ers rookie Michael Carter-Williams blossomed in his rookie on his way to winning the Rookie of the Year award. Honestly, I thought he would be a dud, and called him Michael Carter-Farmar (because I thought he’d be playing overseas, good joke right? I’m here all night.) However, with his unexpected rookie campaign comes something else, great trade value. Scouts and experts have raved about this draft, one which the Sixers already own the #3, and #10 pick. The Sixers, like many teams, are reportedly smitten for Australian prospect Dante Exum, but it would create a log-jam at the point guard position. To solve this, the Sixers have “bounced around” the idea of trading MCW to make room for Exum.

Via ProBasketballTalk:

The Sixers, with the No. 3 pick, are one of the teams were Exum has some fans in the front office, except the Sixers already have a tall project of a point guard who needs to improve his shot in Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams.

But the Sixers could take Exum and then move Carter-Williams, an idea they have discussed internally, reports Chad Ford at ESPN ($$, and hat tip Hoopshype).

The Philadelphia 76ers are Exum fans as well, and if Wiggins is off the board, Exum will be in the mix. They think Exum and Carter-Williams could play together in the backcourt, although it would not be a very good shooting tandem. I think the more obvious fit comes if they trade Carter-Williams, an idea I’m told they have bounced around.

Exum is the wild-card of this draft, a role international players often play. If this 2014 draft class is anything like 2003, Exum could end up being the Darko that really cripples a team who missed on 3-4 potential all-stars that went behind him. Or he’s the next big thing, who knows.

The question the Sixers have to answer is this: Is Exum worth the risk of trading your ROY point guard AND passing on a potential stud that fills a need? I would say no. Let Michael Carter-FarmarWilliams blossom.

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