PHOTO: Damian Lillard Leaves Negative Tip At Restaurant?

  • Frank Santos

Photo Credit: Greg Wahl-Stephens/AP

We’ve all been there. You go out to eat, and you get horrible service. The waiter is watching the clock waiting for his next smoke break, he/she messes up your order completely, and could care less about fixing their mistakes. It has happened to all of us once, and Portland Trailblazers point guard Damian Lillard is now apparently a member of the club too. Lillard took some action, though, and apparently left a negative tip on his bill, and posted it on his Instagram account:

To be fair, Lillard doesn’t put context to the picture, saying where and when this happened, or even if its his bill. Regardless, not the best look for Dame here if its him, as I am sure Drew Brees could attest to.

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3 Responses to PHOTO: Damian Lillard Leaves Negative Tip At Restaurant?

  • Sounds fair to me! Good service deserves a reward and bad service deserves monetary forfeiture!

  • Ya’ll are stupid I’m sure Lillard dint post this I saw this same pic a month ago on Instagram from a friends account and it wasn’t theirs either, its just another viral pic going around

    • Lillard definitely DID post this on his Instagram account. It may not have been his bill, which was addressed in the article itself.

      Thanks for reading.

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