PHOTO: J.R. Smith caught smoking Marijuana?

  • Andy Flint

When it rains, it pours. Fresh off being arrested in South Beach for driving without a valid license, J.R. Smith is at it again. This time he has reportedly been spotted hanging with singer, Rihanna and perhaps smoking a little weed. In these photos, Smith appears to be smoking a Marijuana filled cigar, or a blunt.

Smith will likely counter by offering up a simple explanation. It’s just a cigar. Although it seems as if seasoned potheads understand the difference between what a normal cigar and a re-rolled blunt filled with Marijuana look like.

I don’t even smoke weed, but that doesn’t appear to be your run of the mill, store bought cigar.


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One Response to PHOTO: J.R. Smith caught smoking Marijuana?

  • A fool and his money are soon departed. Being broke even with a million dollar contract would make the best of us get high.

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