Photo: Jared Sullinger caught wearing a dress

  • Andy Flint

Plastered all over the “Groupie Tales” portion of BalckSportsOnline is this douse of a photo. Ohio State’s own 6-foot-9, 280 pound center, Jared Sullinger, sporting the most stretched out and uncomfortable looking black dress that I’ve ever seen.

Perhaps the big fella is very comfortable with his sexuality and thought this photo op was great for gags, or maybe Sully made the mistake of letting some girl snap a very unflattering photo of him wearing her best club gear after a few too many cocktails.

Is it possible that Sullinger has the case of a scorned ex on his hands?

Who knows…

Sullinger will enter the NBA draft in June and hopefully fill-out a much more suitable uniform for a pro team next season.

Hopefully he’s learned his lesson!

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