PHOTO: Paul George’s X-Ray is brutal

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In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last 24 hours, Paul George had one of the worst sports injuries you’ll ever see. During the fourth quarter of Team USA  Basketball’s scrimmage in Las Vegas, George was chasing down James Harden in an attempt to block his shot when disaster struck. George’s right leg would end up folding up against the stanchion causing the Indiana Pacers star to break his leg. 

The X-Ray has since been released and the sight is not a pleas.sant one. George did have successful surgery and the timetable for his return is really anyone’s guess. Some say the entire 2014-2015 NBA season while others have said this type of injury could take up to 18 months.


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  • This is the worst reporting in the world going on over this injury. How many articles did you guys have to read to find out that the gruesome injury was a broken leg? Now, what is a stanchion? Why was it in the area of play? PG has already had surgery and no one knows this stuff.

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