Pistons Fire Maurice Cheeks: Why Cheeks Is Taking The Bullet For Joe Dumars’ Mistakes

  • Ben Parker


In what was somewhat of a surprising move, the Detroit Pistons fired their head coach Maurice Cheeks on Sunday.  The Pistons are pinning their struggles on Cheeks rather than on the fact that they made the decision to put Brandon Jennings and Josh Smith on the same team together in addition to signing Josh Smith to a contract that is impossible to  trade.

The point I’m making is that the Pistons’ struggles aren’t due to Maurice Cheeks or his coaching. They are rather due to the fact that they have put together a very strange team that seems to be doomed for peril. Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond are the future of that team and are forming a very promising front court, but both Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings are two guys who chuck up shots like there is no tomorrow, with Josh Smith especially being a bad fit since he isn’t able to work with Monroe and Drummond in the pick and roll.

I understand that the Pistons are frustrated that the team is bad, but the focus of their frustration should be on their front office and not on their head coaching. General Manager Joe Dumars should have been the one in the hotseat and not Maurice Cheeks.

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