Pistons’ Greg Monroe Is Unlikely To Get An Extension; Could Be On The Trading Block

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The Detroit Pistons drafted center Greg Monroe with the 7th overall pick back in the 2010 NBA draft, and 3 years later, the Pistons aren’t looking likely to hang on to Monroe. At least not according to recent reports that say he is unlikely to get a contract extension until after this season, if at all.

Monroe has gotten better every season, averaging 16.0 points per game and 9.6 rebounds last season. Quality big men are hard to come by in the NBA, which is why the Pistons not wanting to lock him up as the Kings have done with DeMarcus Cousins comes as somewhat of a surprise. That being stated, lots of teams would love to have a guy like Monroe to anchor their front line, and with Brandon Jennings and Josh Smith, the Pistons are looking already like a quality playoff team. Perhaps the thinking is that they don’t need two young big men to develop (the other being Andre Drummond) and they can get more for Monroe than Drummond to help make their team a better team this season and the next (I’m suggesting that the Pistons think they have a team that can compete for a title if they can add one more piece).

Whatever the reason is for not looking to give him an extension, look for plenty of teams to seize this opportunity to get themselves a quality big in Monroe. It  may come at a pretty hefty price, but with all the upside that he has, plenty of teams will think the risk is worth the reward.

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