NBA Players That Need a New Uniform

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There are many players in the NBA that could use a change of scenery, and a new start with a new team. Some are upcoming free agents this summer who should take the opportunity and part ways, while some are locked up, but could benefit from a possible trade. Here are a few players that could definitely benefit from wearing a new uniform for the 2013-2014 season:


Tyreke Evans, Sacramento Kings

There isn’t a player in the league I have wanted to see wear a different uniform than Sacramento’s Tyreke Evans. This kid came into the league looking like he could be a star, averaging 20.1 PPG, 5.8 APG, and 5.3 RBP. All three of those averages have dropped each of the consecutive years. I attribute these drops to the handling of Evans by the Kings management. They have shifted him over to the shooting guard, even sometimes going small with him at the three. He needs to be given more responsibility with the ball considering his ability to attack the basket and the fact that he is by no means a good outside shooter. He has shown that he can be dominant with the ball and driving to the basket which is becoming a popular trait among NBA point guards. He can physically overwhelm many PGs in the NBA right now with his size and speed. Given the right situation, I think he could bring a huge boost to another team and regain some of the flashes of brilliance we saw his rookie year.

Derrick Favors, Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz have been known for their plethora of big men, including Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap, and the up and coming Derrick Favors. Favors has blossomed into a solid power forward, having an excellent season where he averaged 9.4 PPG, 7.1 RPG, and 1.7 BPG in only 23 minutes of action per game. The Jazz were reluctant to let either Jefferson or Millsap go with a trade, which only stunted Favors growth because of the limited minutes. With Jefferson and Millsap both being free agents this summer, the Jazz need to part ways with one of them at minimum and let Favors take the prominent role that he has shown he could handle. If for some reason the Jazz do return both of the big men, Favors needs to find a new home where another team will appreciate his ability as a legitimate starting power forward in the NBA.


Josh Smith, Atlanta Hawks

Josh Smith is one of the most talked about players in the league because of his talents, but also because of the question marks surrounding him. Just how good is he? That question has boggled many NBA watchers to the point where many don’t believe he is a max contract player as he enters this summer as a free agent. Josh Smith has a skill set that very few have. He is an extremely long and athletic forward with great defensive abilities and a solid inside game on offense. He averaged 1.8 BPG, 1.2 SPG, 4.2 APG, 8.4 RPG, and 17.5 PPG. Not many players have the ability to put up good numbers in so many categories. The only problem is that he has shown a lack of willingness to concentrate on his strengths. He has never been willing to give up his jumper where he does not succeed very much with. Overall the potential is incredible, but over his 9 years with the Hawks, he has never developed into the player many think he could be. The team has continued to be in the middle of the pack in the East, and he Hawks need to let him walk and both parties need to start over and try a change.


DeAndre Jordan, LA Clippers

This one is tough considering he recently signed a big deal for another 3 years, but DeAndre Jordan from the Clippers needs a new uniform. The Clippers have one of if not the most athletic and exciting frontcourts in the NBA with Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, but unfortunately for them, it does not work come playoff time. It will continue to help get them in the middle of the Western Conference during the regular season, but in the playoffs where basketball becomes tougher and slower, the Clippers lose their athletic advantage. They need to find some kind of inside presence with the ability to post up again and again and create their own inside shot. We saw the Clippers lose four straight to the Grizzlies and I don’t believe they will have any playoff success if they rely on Griffin and Jordan inside, even if they do bring back Chris Paul. In my mind, a better fit might be the free agent Al Jefferson, who they could possible sign and trade with, and who could play next to Blake and give a little more of a refined post-up game to the team.

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