Pokemon Meets The NBA

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In a world full of technology,  graphic design, and art, it seems like the possibilities are endless to what the world can do. Many people even tend to photo shop LeBron James to there favorite team’s jersey. Only if LeBron’s jersey was photo shopped to my Phoenix Suns. It seems someone has took the concept of art and NBA Basketball logos to a whole other level.

On the website, Imgur, a username by the name of, By musclesmicah has created something we can all love. Pokemon meets The NBA. Let me just take that in for a second. I need a moment. This is just awesome. Teams featured such as the Washington Blizzards, Utah Weez, Cleveland Gravelers, the Nido Kings, and the Celadon City Thunder. Along with much more awesome Pokemon NBA teams.

If you’re a Pokemon fan, if you love sports, in this case the NBA, this will surely make you smile. Come on, you know you did. Spot on musclesmicah. Spot on.

Credit due to FanSided.com

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