Popovich to Stephen Jackson: Don’t Expect a Contract Extension

  • Mark Evans

Forward Stephen “Nasty” Jackson was acquired by the Spurs after things in Milwaukee didn’t quite work out. He became an important asset to the team off the bench, both offensively and defensively. He brings a toughness to the court that not many players possess.

However, this does not earn him a contract extension from the Spurs.

Coach Gregg Popovich told Captain Jack that he should not expect a contract extension. Jackson is under contract for the upcoming season, however. It should be noted that Jackson has quite the history of causing trouble regarding contract demands throughout his career.

Jackson will probably come off the bench again next season, as starting small forward Kawhi Leonard had a lot of success in his rookie season.

In a lot of situations, such as Milwaukee or Golden State, this would probably be a huge distraction that would lead to a trade demand by Jackson. However, Jackson has all the respect in the world for Gregg Popovich, one of the few coaches around the league who can successfully manage players like Captain Jack.

For San Antonio’s sake, hopefully Stephen Jackson is around for some more nasty next season.

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