Portland deals Marcus Camby to Houston for Thabeet, Flynn and a draft pick

  • Andy Flint

The fire sale continues in Portland. As the Trail Blazers have finalized a deal with the Houston Rockets that will send soon to be 38 year old center, Marcus Camby, to the Rockets in exchange for a 2nd round draft pick, former Uconn center Hasheem Thabeet and former Syracuse Orange point guard, Johnny Flynn.

Camby should serve as a useful tool to the Rockets who have already put together a pretty nice season. It’s unclear whether or not he’ll start, but Camby and Dalembert on the interior should prove to be hard to get inside the paint against.

This trade comes shortly after Portland sent small forward, Gerald Wallace, to the New Jersey Nets. It seems as if they’re still working diligently at moving Jamal Crawford, but with the deadline inching closer, it may prove to be a tough task.


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