Rajon Rondo Has Been Cleared To Fully Practice

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The Boston Celtics received some excellent news on Saturday about the  health of their franchise point guard Rajon Rondo, who has been recovering from a torn ACL. The news was that Rondo has received full medical clearance to fully participate in practice, which means that Rondo will be on the court relatively soon. How soon? Probably not until some time in January, but given that the Celtics are holding their own without him (winning the Atlantic Division), knowing that they’ll have him back in about a month is really exciting news.

The main thing that the Celtics have to now worry about is keeping the pedal to the metal (yes, a sub .500 record is considered keeping the pedal to the metal in the East), and maintain their lead in the division until he comes back. If they can stay in front of the pack in the Atlantic Division until he comes back, then they really have to like their chances of making the playoffs.

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