Rajon Rondo seems to be pretty sick of “Linsanity”

  • Mark Evans

Linsanity completely dominated the headlines for a while last season. You can thank ESPN for all the hype regarding the point guard who turned the ball over just as much as he made a great play.

A lot of opposing players seemed to get sick of the attention that a former bench-warming point guard was getting. Deron Williams was one, who shut everyone up after dropping 38 on Jeremy Lin. Another is Rajon Rondo, who went for 18 points, 17 rebounds, and 20 assists during a regular season win against Jeremy Lin and the Knicks.

Don’t expect Rajon Rondo to lose his edge just because Jeremy Lin is in Houston, either.The Boston point guard has never been one to be afraid to talk, or one to show his confidence. Remember the time he called out the Heat for “crying and complaining” to the referees?

Now, he is talking about Jeremy Lin.

Via HoopsHype:

“I hope he has success with the Rockets, except against the Celtics. We plan on beating the Rockets pretty bad this year and hopefully I have something to do with it. But he is going to compete and I wish him well.”

You better believe that Rajon Rondo wants to make another statement and quiet the Linsanity chatter. For someone who holds himself to be one of the elite players in the league, it must have really annoyed Rajon Rondo to see Jeremy Lin get all of the attention for a few good games and a lot of turnovers.

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10 Responses to Rajon Rondo seems to be pretty sick of “Linsanity”

  • I’m with Rondo.I was getting sick of hearing about Lin like he was some allstar when all he did was step up and have some good games when he got a second chance.The Knicks were playing so bad anyone that made two plays in a row would make the allstar team. For every good play Lin made he’d turn the ball over and nullify the good play.

  • rajon is a baby and a dissrespectful player to other players to his coach to fans and to officials who is he to complain.

  • Funny that the Knicks seemed to play like a “team” when Lin was in and Anthony and Stoudamire were out. Coincidence? Maybe.

  • the media has a habit of hyping unknowns when they get a chance and have a few decent games and suddenly they are a great player and an allstar.let’s wait and see what he does during the season, whether he can involve his teammates sooner in the shot clock and can he significantly reduce his turnovers.

  • What part of Rondo’s comments suggest he was sick of Linsanity. He said I hope he does well in Houston except for when they play his team, I’m pretty sure every opponent is thinking the samething. Then he said we plan on beating the Rockets pretty bad, again I’m pretty sure every opponet is thinking the samething, no one showes up to loose. People try to make controversary where there isn’t any!

  • Its funny how the two media sports darlings from last year(Tebow and Lin) are both with different teams. The media has hyped both of these players up and they both will have a hard time living up to new expectations. Tebow for now has the luxury of not being a starter.

  • At this point, I’ll bet even Jeremy Lin himself is getting quite sick of Linsanity being brought up 6 months after it ran its course. The man just wants to play basketball and help his team, but the damn media – this article included – refuses to move on, and inane questions like are only going to agitate the other players and put a bigger target on Lin’s back. At least ESPN got over him; when will you?

  • Lin does turn it over a lot but his aggressiveness is what makes him effective, Jose Calderon is the psoter boy for turnover/assist ratio and Lin clearly outplayed him, like Tebow he often played mediocre until the 4th quarter and then hit a big play to win it during that stretch, he’s not the All-star that the hype machine wants him to be but he’s not as bad as some of these posts suggest, he did win a
    nd the Knicks were a better team with him in the lineup than their “stars”

    • Jason Whitney

      I’m a lifelong huge Knicks fan. I think everyone got swept up into “Linsanity” but you have to remember the Knicks went on that run with Lin playing against teams like the Timberwolves, Raptors, Wizards, Nets (who they lost to once and Lin got torched). WHen they played the elite teams like the Heat, Bulls, and Celtics the real “LIN” showed up. Great kid, happy for him. But he is not worth that contract, and he’s def wouldn’t have led the Knicks any farther than what Felton can. I agree with Rondo, who again will torch him.

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