Rajon Rondo Suggests He’ll Play On Friday

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NBA Finals Game 7:  Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers

On Monday night, Rajon Rondo hinted via twitter that he will play on Friday against the Los Angeles Lakers, which will be his season debut. ESPN Boston explains the meaning behind Rondo’s cryptic tweet “29,233,380 secs”.

Rondo’s tweet referencing 29,233,380 seconds equates to a little more than 338 days, which would be exactly the duration between his ACL surgery on Feb. 13, 2013 and a potential return on Jan. 17, 2014. Heck, Rondo appears to have even calculated the exact differential in timebetween his surgery and tipoff on Friday. (The surgery would have been 11:07 a.m., figuring in Friday’s 7:30 p.m. start.)

Provided he’s returning at full strength, Rajon Rondo should give the Celtics a tremendous boost, who currently sit 3 games back of the Knicks for the #8 spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs. One has to really like the Celtics’ odds of making the playoffs in such a weak Eastern Conference if they have Rajon Rondo back at full strength. In addition to how his return affects the Celtics’ playoff chances, one of the main things to look for in Rondo’s return will be how his relationship with head coach Brad Stevens goes. There have been rumors floating around earlier in the year about Rondo and Stevens potentially not getting along as well as rumors of the Celtics trading Rondo. If Rondo and Stevens get along, then we will know that those rumors have no legs. But if we see Rondo start to through childish tantrums or show signs of frustration with Stevens, then those rumors will be brought back to life, which will create quite a media frenzy. How things unfold between Rondo and Stevens in the coming months could shed a tremendous amount of light on what direction the Celtics are going not only in this season, but in the seasons to come.

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