Rajon Rondo Takes Picture With A Fan Wearing “LeBron Is A B*tch” Shirt

  • Mark Evans

The Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics flat out do not like each other, that’s for sure. Kevin Garnett ignored Ray Allen last night in the season opener, then Rajon Rondo got into it with Dwyane Wade at the end of the game.

Rajon Rondo with a Celtics fan at a signing.
credit: twitter.com/BeyondTheBuzzer

Prior to the game, Rajon Rondo took a picture with a Boston fan. Nothing out of the ordinary here, right? The humorous thing is what the fan was wearing, and that Rondo still had no problem taking the picture with her, knowing it would go viral.

To be totally honest, this is hysterical. Rondo loves pushing buttons, especially when it comes to the Miami Heat.

That being said, he usually backs up his words when it comes to playing the Heat. He steps up his already All-Star level game to a new level, particularly in the playoffs. He had an unbelievable playoff series in the Eastern Conference Finals last season, including a game where he dropped 44 points in a Boston loss.

Even in last night’s game, Rajon Rondo filled up the stat sheet with 20 points on 9-14 shooting, 13 assists, and 7 rebounds. The Heat got the win, but there’s no doubt that Rondo earns the right to punk the Heat a little bit.

You might remember the video below that was sure to get under the skin of some Heat players:

This looks to be another season of an intense Celtics-Heat rivalry, particularly if Rondo keeps it up. Game on.

-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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8 Responses to Rajon Rondo Takes Picture With A Fan Wearing “LeBron Is A B*tch” Shirt

  • Yet Boston is Miami’s bitch….

    • Hey boston is still good and miami sucks! So your all dumb talking crap when boston has more championships and the heat get 1 with lebron and they all get wet.

  • Rondo played great in both of the games you mentioned. Both were Celtic loses. Celtics will always be the Heat’s bitch.

  • Rondo is una tremenda puta. :) And apparently, the fan wearing the shirt es una puta tambien.

  • Well to be honest I like the heat and Love the celtics, but I hate the fact that Ray Allen went to Miami just as much as KG does. For KG it may be personal, but for me I always saw these guys,together til the end Ray ,KG, Rondo, Paul,being teammates like I always saw Micheal Jordan, Scottie, Horace, And the other Bulls players playing together til the end. That being said I can understaand KGs Pain of losing a key player to their cliche. Those guys were the celtics peas in the pod. I would like for it to be squashed. Let it go KG be the bigger person and don’t loose your true friend Ray because of change.

  • If Rhondo would have kept his mouth closed and stop beefing with Ray Allen he would still be a Boston Celtic. Rhondo will never be in the NBA HOF. He talks more trahs than his game allows.

  • All of you LeBron jock riders need to fall back and get off the sack. Don’t get it mistaken, because LeBron is a hell of a player and one of the best but the team would not be anything without him. Let’s be real the majority of you wasn’t even a Heat fan until LeBron join the team. Fact is the Celtics is a dynasty with the players and the stats to prove it. The Celtics go hard and have the realest players in the NBA!!

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