Ray Allen Will Take His Talents to South Beach; Signs with Miami Heat

  • Frank Santos

Ray Allen has been one of the more intriguing free agents thus far this off season. He has been stuck between the choice of his loyalty to the Boston Celtics, or switching sides and playing for the rival Miami Heat. I can only imagine it has been a tough decision for Allen, which is why it has taken him so long to decide. Well, apparently that decision has finally been made and Ray Allen will be a member of the Miami Heat. Here is a tweet confirmation by Miami Heat owner Micky Arison, along with Alex Kennedy further confirming the story:




Ray Allen was loved in Boston during his time with the franchise, and I would think it is going to be a tough pill to swallow for Celtic fans that Ray has chosen the Heat of all teams to jump ship for. However, there were rumors swirling that Allen was displeased when he was benched for the younger Avery Bradley. While I can’t say that I blame him there, Boston fans won’t see it that way.

Another storyline has been added to the first Boston/Miami game next season. I have a feeling the Celtic crowd will give Ray one huge cheer in introductions for his service, and then he will quickly become enemy of the state.

This isn’t good news for the rest of the league either, because the last thing a reigning world champion needs is the greatest three-point shooter in the history of this league in the corner while the MVP is driving to the bucket. The road through Miami just got a lot tougher for the rest of the Eastern Conference.

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