Ray Allen’s secret to success: Bigger shoes

  • Andy Flint

It is no secret that Ray Allen is one of the many athletes benefiting from to increased training and health knowledge among athletes and trainers today. Many people probably forget that Ray Allen had some major ankle issues before coming to Boston. Just ask the fans in Milwaukee or Seattle. They remember all too well.

Ray’s secret to success, you ask? Bigger shoes… Ray Allen has went up two sizes (from a size 13 to a size 15) since joining the NBA in 1996.

Guys like 38 year old Steve Nash have been public ambassadors for Yoga. Emeka Okafor credits excessive stretching as a secret to staying healthy (although the verdict is still out on Emeka). Dwight Howard is an obvious benefactor of extra time in the weight room. All of these things seem like plausible measures to take when trying to treat your body like a temple.

But bigger shoes? I almost laughed when I heard this. It seems like such a far-out and almost superstitious type of routine to partake in, but take a look at the facts. Ray Allen will be 38 in July. He suffered major injuries prior to this “shoe therapy”. Since coming to Boston and experimenting with larger shoe sizes. Ray has played in 73, 79, 80 and 80 games in his four seasons with the Celtics. He’s also shot .444 and .465 from behind the arc (career highs) since switching from 14’s to 15’s just two seasons ago.


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