Reggie Evans:Blake Should Defend Himself

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Recently, Blake Griffin has voiced his frustration with hard fouls, and some of his teammates like DeAndre Jordan have vowed to have his back if it continues. Jordan clearly was speaking for himself because Reggie Evans doesn’t want to be included in that list of teammates. He told the LA Daily news today that Griffin should defend himself.

Here’s the quote from Evans: “Blake is 6-10 and what, 240 or something? He’s a big boy. He should know how to defend himself out there.” Evans went on to say that it would be different if Griffin was a guard, which he would be more willing to defend rather than a forward of Griffin’s physical stature.

Evans brings up a good point here. Blake shouldn’t rely on his teammates to have his back. He should be able to stand up for himself in this league, and doing so would probably go a long way in stopping so many of these incidents from happening. Evans is essentially saying that these players fouling Griffin are picking on someone their own size, so its fair game. If they were picking on his small guy, like CP3, that would be when it is his responsibility to step in and do the dirty work. Let’s be honest, Reggie Evans is known as a guy unafraid to mix it up on the court, and if HE doesn’t want to do so on Griffin’s behalf, that’s saying something.

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