Reggie Jackson Wants to be a Starter

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Russell Westbrook has had more than his fair share of injury problems over the past two seasons. Luckily for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Reggie Jackson proved to be a very capable backup when he was given the chance.

Jackson should figure to be a significant part of the team’s future, particularly as they still try to figure out ways to take offensive pressure off of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Thabo Sefolosha has been the team’s starting shooting guard, for the most part, but a change may be coming. Sefolosha’s future with the team is unclear, and Jackson’s development will certainly pressure Scott Brooks.

One thing is clear: Reggie Jackson wants to be the team’s starting shooting guard. Via Daily Thunder:

Reggie Jackson: “I’d like to be a starter. I’m not going to lie.”

Well, at least he’s being honest.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a starter. Although Westbrook is clearly the superior player, Jackson and RW have somewhat similar styles. They could play together as starters, and it would give OKC another ball handler.

It seems like OKC won’t make any drastic changes, but this could be a tweak that Brooks tries next season. Again, so much of this is dependent on Sefolosha’s status with the team.


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