Report: Andrew Bynum will show no loyalty to Sixers in free agency

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The Philadelphia 76ers took a considerable amount of risk when they acquired Andrew Bynum this off-season. At the time, many people applauded the Sixers for their ability to package Andre Iguodala and some prospects for one of the game premier centers.

However, Bynum hasn’t played a single minute for the Sixers, while Iggy is a key cog to one of the best teams in the league out in Denver, and prospects like Nik Vucevic and Maurice Harkless look like they could potentially turn into some serious players in this league for the Orlando Magic. This wouldn’t be as big of a deal if the Sixers weren’t in serious danger of losing Bynum altogether. Bynum, an unrestricted free agent this summer is reportedly not going to give the Sixers any loyalty when he hits free agency, and they will be treated as just another suitor for his services, according to

Here are more details about Bynum’s thinking from John N. Mitchell of

While it would be wonderful if Bynum – an unrestricted free agent – gave the Sixers special consideration in light of all that they lost in trading for him and the agonizing wait for him to return, a team source with knowledge of the situation said last week that he does not believe that will be the case.

If Bynum ends up not signing with the Sixers, it may be a blessing in disguise. It is likely that Bynum will demand a max deal in free agency, and to put that kind of investment in an unproven commodity may come back to haunt whoever decides to take that plunge. Nobody doubts Bynum’s talent when he graces the court, but durability has to be factored in as a major concern when talking those kind of dollars. Furthermore, there is no evidence that Bynum will regain his prior form when he does return to the court. Those factors, along with some attitude concerns make it debatable whether Bynum is worthy of a max deal, especially in the post-CBA NBA.

All that said, somebody WILL pay Bynum. Whether it is the Sixers or somebody else, a player with Bynum’s unique skill set WILL get paid, and that general manager will either be sizing his championship ring, or contributing to the nations unemployment rate three years from now. That’s the kind of risk you are taking as a team if you pay Bynum.

By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Co-Founder


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8 Responses to Report: Andrew Bynum will show no loyalty to Sixers in free agency

  • What a bum. Hes already one of the most disliked players in the league. This would just move him up the list…probably to #1. Id love to be there to welcome him back to Philly after he takes his lack of talent elsewhere.

  • Let me start the boooooos now!!!

  • Its takes a coach like kevin the rockets coach set him off right just ask kyle lowry no hardship for team you are done on that team.

  • What are we talking about rights or loyalty.

  • Maybe he will show the same loyalty they showed A Iguodala and Lou Williams.

  • What ever team is foolish enough to get him will have to remember his statment about not even liking basketball. He will never give 100% will be injury prone (because when you don’t give 100% even a little pain is enough to put you on the bench) will ruin locker rooms. Why should someone coming off the bench give 100% when a person making max won’t ? Think Shaq his last years in LA, lots of talent left but only gave enough effort to get paid.

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