Report: Cavaliers targeting Phil Jackson

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The Cleveland Cavaliers have recently parted ways with head coach, Byron Scott, after a very disappointed season, a season in which many felt like the Cavs could make a push for the 7th or 8th seed in the eastern conference. With the Cavs season going down in flames, as they carved out a less-than-impressive 24-58 finish to their 2012-13 campaign, their new outlook is one that may make sense, but might also be well out of reach for a club who’s really still struggling to find their own identity.

The Cavaliers are reportedly pursuing Phil Jackson as their next head coach. This report comes from Brian Windhorst of ESPN:

Phil would have an interesting and dynamic young point guard, in Kyrie Irving, but little else to work with at the moment. With a relatively weak draft coming up, it’s hard to tell where the Cavaliers will end up next season.

The real question is, will Phil Jackson be even remotely interested in a project like the Cavaliers? The latest NBA gossip has been that Phil has the itch to be involved again. Phil was up for the Lakers’ head coaching job earlier this season after LA fired Mike Brown, but to Jackson’s (and the worlds) surprise, the Lakers went with Mike D’Antoni instead.

The Cavaliers job seems to have a bit of steam, as everyone has begun to run with it a little bit, but do they actually stand a chance at landing one of the league’s most coveted head coaches? The Brooklyn Nets tried after they cut ties with Avery Johnson, and many other clubs have seemingly reached out to the legend since he’s hit the unemployment line. I think most of us believe that Phil will eventually lead an NBA team again, and that it’s just a matter of time and the right situation presenting itself.


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