Report: Celtics need an assistant coach Rajon Rondo “can relate to”

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With Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett departed from the Boston Celtics, the biggest question for the franchise is undoubtedly this: can Rajon Rondo be the leader of a team?

Without veterans around to keep the locker room at bay, and a new head coach in Brad Stevens that is approximately 12 years old (okay, okay…he’s 36, but still.), Rondo will be looked upon to be a leader. Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe has learned that the Celtics are worried they don’t have a coach that “can relate to” Rondo, and should add one to the staff:


The Celtics may have already found that guy, with former Celtic James Posey being rumored for an assistant job with the team. Regardless, to some this will raise red flags, and the question may come up as to why Stevens isn’t the one relating to Rondo? However, I think that criticism would be a bit overblown. I don’t think many realize the importance, and the large role assistants play in the construction of a team, specifically with superstars. It’s important for Rondo to have a middle man between he and Stevens, someone to keep him honest, and challenge him.

The larger concern to me would be how Rondo, who is known to be emotional, is going to react to the inevitable losing the Celtics will be doing this year. Rondo is used to being surrounded by veterans, and competing for a championship. The adjustment to a rebuilding team will be tough for him.

Unless of course, the Celtics trade him, which I still don’t rule out come this trade deadline.

By: Frank Santos- Pass the Pill Manager

H/T CelticsLife

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