Report: Glen Davis Is Expected To Leave The Clippers In Free Agency

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Glen Davis didn’t have a smooth landing when he descended into Clipperland from the Magic Kingdom. What was thought to be a joyous reunion with Doc Rivers has ended up being nothing close to anything joyful or happy. According to Pro Basketball Talk, Davis isn’t expected to return to the Clippers in free agency this summer, citing Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe as a source:

Last week in Houston, that old crusty duo of Doc Rivers and Glen Davis clashed again when a heated Davis was removed from the game. He yelled something at Rivers, who yelled something back and then instructed team security to escort Davis to the locker room, ending his evening. Davis played four minutes the next game and 10 each of the next two games. He is playing about 12 minutes per contest since joining the Clippers in January and averaging a career-low 3.4 points. Davis signed a two-year deal with a player option for next season at the league minimum. He is much better than the league minimum and will sign somewhere else as a free agent.

I think the money factor is probably a bigger reason for why he leaves than anything else. When he was waived by the Magic and subsequently signed by the Clippers,  everybody viewed this as  a short-term move that might get the Clippers past the Spurs and Thunder to reach the NBA Finals, and not a move that indicated that Davis was going to be a Clipper long-term. If Davis is only making the league minimum on his contract with the Clippers, then it stands to reason that he will at the very least opt out and demand the Clippers pay him more money if they want to retain him.

There are two things to take away from this report: (1) Davis isn’t happy with the Clippers and (2) He thinks he is worth more than the league minimum. The part about him leaving appears to be a logical conclusion reached as result of these two premises. Is it deductively valid to conclude he will leave? Using strict logic, the answer is no, but if we are asking is it reasonable to assume he will leave based on these premises, the answer is yes. As for will he opt out, I think that given the premises being true, he will certainly opt out of his contract. Only time will tell whether or not he decides to re-sign with the Clippers for more money or take more money elsewhere.

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