The Lakers might be willing to roll the dice on Joel Embiid if he falls to them

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There are a ton of NBA draft rumors and reports floating around like clouds. It’s hard to know which ones have substance and which ones don’t. One such report about Kansas center Joel Embiid has surfaced and it involves the Los Angeles Lakers.

According to this report, if Joel Embiid falls to the Lakers at the #7 pick, they would consider drafting him provided odds are good he makes a full recovery. Embiid’s stock is sinking like a stone, and with the draft being so deep and rich with talent, it’s conceivable he could fall outside of the top ten. Via LA Daily News:

It could depend on Kansas center Joel Embiid, who once was considered the Cleveland Cavaliers’ first overall pick of the 2014 NBA Draft. With Embiid undergoing surgery to treat a stress fracture in his right foot, his draft stock could plummet while forcing other teams to weigh his long-term potential and uncertain health.

The Lakers would consider selecting Embiid should he become available, according to a person familiar with the Lakers’ thinking. But such an idea would hinge on Embiid’s recovery.


I personally think if you are picking outside of the top 5, he is worth the gamble. While it is true that this draft is rich with talent, there are still only three guys who are viewed as potentially franchise changing players. Embiid is one of those guys, and it’s hard to figure that the Lakers would pass on him if he fell to them given their dire need for a new face of the franchise.

I’m not saying this report about Embiid is true, but I am saying that Embiid to the Lakers makes sense if he falls to them. They need a new big man and a new franchise player. It is possible that if they draft Embiid, he will become another one of many great Lakers centers. To pass on a guy who could be the next great Lakers center doesn’t seem to be something the Lakers would do should they be faced with the chance to get him.

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