Report: Phil Jackson wants to coach again

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It seems like Phil Jackson may have a little bit of Brett Favre in his DNA. Every time we think the legendary coach may be done for good, he pulls us back in. That seems to be the case again, as reports have surfaced that Jackson is “itching” for a coaching gig again.

Here are some details via ESPNLA.com:

After nearly two seasons in retirement, Phil Jackson has become increasingly interested in working in the NBA next season, according to sources familiar with his thinking.

That doesn’t necessarily mean a return to coaching, as Jackson is known to be intrigued by the concept of moving into management for the first time in his career.

But sources told ESPN.com this week that Jackson is “itching” to go back to work after a long spell to recharge since leaving the Los Angeles Lakers‘ bench following the 2010-11 season.

Sources stressed that there is no specific opportunity in play yet for Jackson, who resisted coaching overtures from the Brooklyn Nets earlier this season and told longtime confidant Charley Rosen in January in a SheridanHoops.com story that he “has no intention of ever coaching again.”

But NBA coaching sources say that stance will not dissuade teams with openings from approaching Jackson this offseason to gauge his interest, with the Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers — who interviewed Jackson in 2005 and are known to be contemplating a coaching change — potentially at the top of the list.

I really thought the Lakers screwing Jackson over for Mike D’Antoni earlier this season may change his stance on leaving the sidelines for good. Jackson has always seemed a little sensitive, and the Laker situation may motivate him to show his old team he can still coach with the best of them. As ESPN’s Marc Stein notes, it is likely Jackson would have numerous suitors if truly interested with a return, with the Brooklyn Nets definitely being among them.

I certainly would not be surprised to see Jackson roaming a sideline next season, possibly in Brooklyn, with an owner that wouldn’t hesitate to pay him whatever he wants.

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