Report: Stan Van Gundy to take next season off

  • Andy Flint

The Charlotte Bobcats would love to have the Orlando Magic’s former head coach as their new leader, but it seems as if SVG may take next season off from coaching.

Perhaps Stan needs a season to recharge his batteries. After the long, drawn-out season of tug-o-war spent between him and diva center, Dwight Howard, maybe Stan just needs a moment to breath and collect his thoughts before jumping back in.

Or maybe the right situation hasn’t presented itself. Van Gundy and the Magic had been a fixture in the NBA playoffs for the past few seasons. Why would he want to jump right in to the mess that is the Charlotte Bobcats?

With a coaching record of 371-208, he’s sure to have potential suitors lining up around the block. Stan is also 48-39 in the post-season and would probably have an immediate positive impact on most any team.



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