Report: There is “very little chance” Dwight Howard re-signs with Lakers

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And we begin: The Dwightmare is fully in motion again. Lakers center Dwight Howard has a big decision to make this off-season, as he is an unrestricted free agent. For his and all of our sake, lets hope he decides to make that decision quickly. However, the likelihood of that happening is probably very slim.

With free agency only a few days away, reports are already leaking about Howard’s intentions, and ESPN’s Chris Broussard is reporting Howard’s return to LA is unlikely:

There is very little chance of Dwight Howard re-signing with the Los Angeles Lakers this summer, according to sources close to the situation.

Howard is willing to forgo the extra $30 million the Lakers can pay him to play for a coach and in a system he feels will better use his skill set, one source said.

Howard plans to meet with Dallas, Houston and Atlanta before meeting with the Lakers once teams are allowed to contact free agents beginning July 1, a source said. It appears that the teams will visit Howard in Los Angeles.

If you’ve ever read any of my work about Howard, you know this comes as no surprise to me (if true and still relevant in 12 hours before Howard changes his mind again.) If I had to guess, I would say Howard ends up in Houston with James Harden and the Rockets. There were many times this year where it seemed Howard was bothered by the LA spotlight, and all the drama that goes with it, and lets face it, LA is not for everybody. Howard should be focused on finding a team that matches his style of play, but more so than anything, he has to make sure he gets healthy enough to play at the dominant level we’ve come accustomed to.

Like everybody else, I am ready to put the Dwightmare to bed for good, and just watch Howard play drama-free… if that’s even a plausible scenario anymore.

By: Frank Santos- Pass the Pill Manager

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One Response to Report: There is “very little chance” Dwight Howard re-signs with Lakers

  • Good, let him go! Talented, yes but his lack of sportsmanship out weighs his “declining” talent (my opinion of course). How does he EVER expect to get that elusive ring if he’s constantly tying on teams for size!? It makes zero sense, doesn’t the guy have anyone that can explain this to him because he clearly doesn’t seem to get it on his own. You need time to gel as a team and as a unit, did the Heat do it the first year Wade, Bosch and James were together?? If he’s not interested/willing to stay then please “LET HIM GO” the Lakers are suffering enough right now without having the added bullshit of an oversized cry baby on the team!!

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