Rockets moving Thomas Robinson to make run at Dwight Howard?

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Thomas Robinson may just be the latest domino to fall in the Houston Rockets pursuit of Dwight Howard.
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It has been long established that the Houston Rockets are planning to do everything in their power to land Dwight Howard this off-season. Howard is also reportedly “intrigued” by the prospect of joining the young up-start Rockets, now being led by emerged star James Harden. However, the Rockets do not have enough cap space to offer Howard the max deal he will undoubtedly demand. That is, they don’t have enough cap room.. yet.

Just before the past trade deadline, the Rockets made a deal that landed them the number five pick in last year’s draft, Thomas Robinson, and it appears that Robinson may be on the move again. According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, the Rockets have been offered, and are ready to accept a deal for Robinson in exchange for a first round pick in this year’s draft:


The thought behind the deal is to shed extra cap space for the aforementioned Howard, and the way to do that would be for the Rockets would be to select an international player the team could stash overseas next year, as Stein explains in a series of tweets:



For Robinson, three teams in two years is never good for your reputation throughout the league, though I think he really is merely a victim of circumstances. Robinson will hopefully be traded to a team that will be patient enough to stay with him through the growing pains, as I think he can become a legitimate starting-caliber power forward in this league.

As for Howard and the Rockets, I am in the minority of not thinking this is a “pipe dream” for Houston, and I can definitely see Howard landing with the team for a couple of different reasons. It seemed to me that the stress of LA got to Howard last year, and he truly may have realized that “the grass wasn’t greener on the other side.” Despite what the super-team era in the NBA may suggest, the big city isn’t for everybody, and Howard may secretly miss the hometown feel of Orlando, and may see a lot of those attributes in the Rockets. It is also no secret that Howard likes to be wooed, and the public love-fest the Rockets have shown for Howard is probably very attractive to him as well.

In fact, if I had to guess, I would say Howard does end up leaving the Lakers to join Harden and the Rockets.

Wherever he ends up, it is time for Howard to focus on basketball, and not the off the court nonsense. Then again, we’ve been saying this for over two years now, so maybe it will never end. Sooner or later, one has to think, especially with Howard’s declining production last season, is he really worth the baggage he comes with?

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