Roy Hibbert believes Shane Battier’s low-blow was intentional

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There is a cardinal rule among all men that simply states “the man region is off limits at all times.” An intentional shot to the family jewels is forbidden universally in the male species. Therefore, Roy Hibbert’s claim towards Shane Battier is as real as it gets.

Late in the first quarter, Battier was driving to the rim when his knee collided with Hibbert’s…personal place. Battier was assessed an offensive foul, but Hibbert believes it was meant as a message to him, which he says will not work. Here is the tweet from Hibbert’s account:


Here is a video of the play Hibbert is referring to. You be the judge:

The more I watch the play, the more I tend to agree with Hibbert. If so, shame on you Shane. Flopping is one thing, but this is a whole other level, Mr. Battier.

By: Frank Santos

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