Roy Hibbert looking for angle to join Team USA basketball

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Indiana Pacers defensive anchor, Roy Hibbert, wants to join USA Basketball and Team USA would likely be more than happy to take him on, as they’ve been incredibly thin at the center position in recent memory. Hibbert, 7-2 and close to 300 lbs, would serve as the perfect defensive anchor for Team USA if he should find a way around the many small obstacles currently in his way.

Hibbert is a dual citizen (Jamaica and the United States) being that his Father is Jamaican, and Hibbert played briefly for the Jamaican team after not getting picked for the USA squad last time around.

“I wanted to play in the Olympics and then they invited some other guys from my draft class to be centers,” Hibbert explained. “I thought I could have been in that group. If I had gotten invited, I wouldn’t have played for Team Jamaica. You live and you learn. If I don’t play for Team USA ever again, I’ll enjoy my summers and bulk up like I did this summer.”

Basically, to play for Team USA, Hibbert needs to convince Team USA that he’s worth the red tape, and will also need Jamaica to approve it. This situation sounds like a lot of tiny headaches for those involved. At this point, Roy could be banking on the fact that he and Team USA head coach, Mike Krzyzewski, share the same agent, David Falk. Perhaps Falk can get the ball rolling on this process.

“There has been some dialogue, but right now international lawyers are taking care of that to see if I can get out of my Team Jamaica thing,” Hibbert said.

Team USA will have Dwight Howard back this go-around. Howard missed out on 2012 due to his lingering back injury, but the roster space to add Hibbert into this mix is there. Hibbert would be a clear-cut candidate behind Howard on Team USA, should they figure out this small conflict with Jamaica.

“I hope that I’ll be able to do that,” Hibbert said. “Obviously Dwight will be the center. I know my role and [would] come off the bench, defend the basket, get rebounds and just find open shooters.

Team USA would really benefit from having Howard and Hibbert anchoring the paint. The duo would serve as something the USA has lacked in recent years. Solid shot-blocking down low.



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