Roy Hibbert Plans to ‘Wear a Cup’ Next Time He Plays Lamarcus Aldridge

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After a physical battle between superstar big men Lamarcus Aldridge and Roy Hibbert, the Indiana Pacers star center took to Twitter to declare that the basketball isn’t the only ball he’ll need to protect the next time he goes up against Lamarcus Aldridge.

“Next time I play LaMarcus Aldridge I’m wearing a cup,” Hibbert wrote on Twitter, including a picture of a jock strap for full effect. “Good game, bro. We gonna battle again in Indy.”

Aldridge decided to respond to clarify that the perceived low blows were not intentional, but just how he plays the game.

“LOL. Bro, I don’t do it on purpose,” Aldridge wrote. “I’m just a one-leg jumper so that’s how I jump. I don’t play dirty. Real talk.”

Hibbert responded, ensuring Aldridge that he wasn’t accusing him of foul play, and claiming that he is looking forward to a possible Finals match up between the two powerhouse teams.

I believe u, bro. We both competing hard. Tough post moves. Good luck in the West. We will see each other in the Finals.”

Hibbert did receive two shots to the groin area in quick succession courtesy of Aldridge, but there seems to be no hard feelings between the two. An exchange that could have easily gotten out of hand turned into a friendly exchange between two talented studs, and that’s always good to see in a league filled with Twitter beefs and confrontations.

Story courtesy of NBA SI

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