Roy Hibbert Tweets that he doesn’t really like David Lee: Wishes Lee a speedy recovery

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From the Twitter vaults of golden quotes, Roy Hibbert has emerged as an early favorite for Tweet of the day on Monday morning, saying “I really don’t like @Dlee042 but I really hope he has a speedy recovery. Hate to see guys get get hurt or injured.”

Now, try and remember that Lee and Hibbert were both suspended for an altercation earlier this season. A small incident that sent players off the court and into the stands. A big no-no in the post-Pistons/Pacers brawl NBA. Lee and Hibbert were both served a one-game suspension for the “brawl” and apparently the bad blood has spilled over.

Here’s the Tweet:

Oh man. Stuff like this really gets my morning going. Step one: Wake up. Step two: Grab coffee. Step three: Find an awesome Tweet (usually from J.R. Smith) and laugh about it all day long.

Look, I’m glad Hibbert hates to see fellow NBAers get hurt, but was the jab really needed? I guess it supplied my morning with a bit of sunshine. I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did.

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