Royce White Back In D-League

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Just 5 days after leaving, Royce White is already back with his D-League team. credit:

Just 5 days after leaving, Royce White is already back with his D-League team.

The Royce White situation has been a mess all season for the Houston Rockets, as the two sides have struggled to come to a conclusion on working terms for the rookie forward. He stayed away from the team for much of the beginning of the year, then reported to the D-League before recently leaving.

Now, strangely enough, Royce White is already back with his D-League team, just days after leaving. Via ESPN:

Royce White is back with the Houston Rockets’ developmental league affiliate, five days after he left the team.

White announced on Twitter that he had returned to the Rio Grande Valley Vipers and that a “miscommunication” with the Rockets had been cleared up. He said last week that he had left the team and returned to Houston on the advice of a team doctor.

This is certainly a strange story, as the rookie had only been away from the team for less than a week. The way things have been going between the two, you can’t help but wonder if this was something more than a simple miscommunication.

Royce White has yet to play a minute for the Houston Rockets, and has battled the team on a very public platform all season with regards to his anxiety issues. Despite the fact that the team has seemingly made every effort to meet White in the middle on many occasions, the rookie has taken to his Twitter several times to blast the Rockets organization.

Due to his fear of flying, Royce White made news earlier this season by taking a ridiculously long RV ride to a D-League game.

It will definitely be interesting to see how this whole situation plays out. Hopefully, the two sides can come to some sort of healthy agreement and keep Royce White on the floor.

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  • He’s not worth the trouble, they need to cut him already. Cut him and take a lost on him, what has he done for them besides complain on every turn? Nothing but complain on every turn, leave him on the side of the road and be done with him.

  • Yeah Royce White, i feel for him. I do. Im sure this is tough for him. But he his handling it like a baby. He is mad at the rockets bc the millions of dollars they are paying him is for nothing. In the end it is a business. If you cant travel with the team and play certain games then you are hurting the team. I cant be an accountant who has anxiety over pushing numbers. I Cant be a lawyer w/ anxiety that prevents me from talking in public. And to top it all off he isnt even good enough to go through all this especially since he throws the organization under the bus as well. CUT HIM!!! IM TIRED OF THIS STORY!! Royce Go get help and when you feel fine to travel try a come back…if not then sorry about ya

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