Royce White: Chances Are “Very High” I Never Play In NBA

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Royce White’s anxiety disorder has been a very public topic as of late.

The Royce White saga is a sad one. We have all been aware of his anxiety condition for a while now, and the Houston Rockets certainly were when they drafted him 16th overall. He has been away from the team pretty much all season, claiming that the organization has not treated him properly. This comes after the Rockets granted White permission to ride a bus to road games instead of flying, which has been a fear of his.

If you want to see what he’s been up to, check out his Twitter page. It seems like he’s constantly getting in arguments with his followers, and tweeting about his condition. Side note; if you’re trying to work something out with your employer, taking to twitter probably isn’t a good idea.

Via Ultimate Rockets:

With no end to his impasse with the Rockets in sight, rookie Royce White said it is very likely that he never plays in the NBA, citing a lack of league-wide protocol for dealing with mental health issues including his anxiety disorder.

“I think that the chances are very high,” White said in an interview on Sirius/XM radio. “And I say that just like I said before the draft that the chances were very high that I didn’t even get drafted. Because business in America, as we all know, is about one thing and that’s convenience and efficiency. And oftentimes what the efficient thing to do is not the healthiest thing to do, right? That’s why we still sell cigarettes. It wouldn’t shock me if we couldn’t be logical and say a protocol is needed because it’ll be the hard thing to do. If that’s the case then so be it. I stand on what I say and I refuse to put myself in a hazardous situation to play a sport.”

Royce White has the platform to really have an impact in the mental health world. Athletes are very influential people, and have a huge audience. It looks like this opportunity may be wasted.
From the outside, it seems like the Rockets have been fairly reasonable with their accommodations. Hopefully he can spend less time on twitter and more time working on a compromise with the Rockets.
This comes after Royce White reportedly refused an assignment to the D-League.

-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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