Royce White Taking 34 Hour RV Ride To Game

  • Mark Evans
Royce White is sticking to not flying. credit: espn.com

Royce White is sticking to not flying.
credit: espn.com

Recently, Royce White and the Houston Rockets finally came to an agreement to get White back on the court. The rookie has started in the D-League, where he is sticking to driving to all games to avoid his fear of flying.

Even under drastic measures, White will not be flying. He would rather drive 34 hours in an RV, play the game, and turn around to take another 34 hour ride back. Via Ric Bucher:

Royce White is making the 34-hour drive in an RV because of his anxiety issues to play this one game for the Vipers and then turning around and making the 34-hour drive right back.

Seems a little crazy to travel a combined 68 hours in an RV to play in one D-League game, but at least Royce White is now making an effort for his relationship with the Rockets to work.

After being a first round pick, White was away from the team for most of the season in a public dispute that seemed to be getting pretty ugly.

-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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5 Responses to Royce White Taking 34 Hour RV Ride To Game

  • This is truly idiotic! He flew when he was a member of the Iowa St. team. How is this going to work if he ever gets back to the Rockets and they have back to back games in distant cities?

  • This just can’t work for an NBA player. It’s important to attend practices and team meetings.

  • He has been interviewed and is on record as saying that the coach and medical staff at Iowa State had his back. He was given personal assurances by everyone. In Houston, he feels as if he’s been rail-roaded, that his hand is being publicly forced. He’s said he does not feel that no one in the organization cares, hence the trepidation. He’s got a real issue that’s not being taken seriously by the team.

  • I would of cut him, too much of a distraction and he will have to fly if he joins the Rockets. Not worth the headache, let him go and be done with it.

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