Rudy Gay shares same opinion as Durant on why he couldn’t play for the Wizards

  • Jason Whitney

Rudy Gay said he can’t come back home because of ticket requests

The Washington Wizards could be set up nicely over the next several years if Rudy Gay and Kevin Durant pull a LeBron James and decide they want to come home. Of course salary cap restrictions could come into play, but before this could even get to negotiations, Gay and Durant jokingly said they could never play for their hometown because of the ticket requests would be astronomical.


The Wizards already have a young team on the rise, but imagine if they added Kevin Durant to the mix. John Wall,Bradley Beal, Durant, and Otto Porter could have the Wiz dominating the Eastern Conference for years to come.

This seems like a long shot, but if we’ve learned anything about NBA free agency over the last few years, it is to never say never to any scenario. Gay, on the other hand, might not have the Washington faithful that excited.

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