Shaq Posts Hysterical LeBron Instagram

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LeBron James returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers today. You probably already knew that, unless you’ve been living under a rock.

Shaquille O’Neal, an ex-teammate, took to social media to support LeBron. And he did so in a pretty funny manner.

Many have unfairly criticized LeBron for hopping around a little-to the Miami Heat, and now back to Cleveland. So, Shaq made a bit of a point to show how ridiculous this is:

As he’s pointing out, Shaq played for quite a few teams, and seems to not get any criticism.

Plenty of NBA players switch teams; it’s not a big deal, and it’s nice to see Shaq point it out.


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5 Responses to Shaq Posts Hysterical LeBron Instagram

  • Shaq is funny but on point. Let’s just wish LeBron well and focus on getting the best talent available to support the remaining leads. Let’s go Heat!!!

  • How many guys on the original Dream Team played for multiple teams?

    Out of 12 guys, only 2 bounced around prior to their final seasons. The rest all played 10+ years in the same uniform.

    Christian Laettner – 6 teams + 1 he suited but never played for
    Charles Barkley – Sixers for 8 seasons, Suns for 4 seasons, Rockets for 4 seasons

    Patrick Ewing – Knicks for 15 seasons and 2 teams during his twilight
    Scottie Pippen – Bulls forr 11+1 seasons and 2 teams during his twilight
    Clyde Drexler – TrailBlazers for 11.5 seasons + a 3.5 seasons at the end w/Rockets
    Chris Mullen – Warriors for 12 yrs + a few w/Pacers at end of career
    Michael Jordan – Bulls for 13 seasons (2 “careers”) – and 2 seasons for Wizards after retirement #2
    Karl Malone – Jazz for 18 yrs + 1 year w/Lakers

    John Stockton – Jazz for 19 seasons
    David Robinson – Spurs for 14 seasons
    Larry Bird – Celtics for 13 seasons
    Magic Johnson – Lakers for 13 seasons

  • Big Fat Shaq may have been too stuffed with fried chicken and meatloaf to have all his mental faculties at his disposal, but “Los Suns” and “Phoenix” was the same team.

  • the only reason people bashed Lebron is because of his televised Decision and public humiliation of his hometown team. switching teams isn’t the issue, it’s the way he went about it

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