Shaquille O’Neal Has a Hysterical Linkedin Profile

  • Mark Evans

Many of us who are not professional athletes are aware of Linkedin. It’s a professional network where people can post their past jobs, certifications, etc. It can be a valuable tool when it comes to looking for a job, and is probably one of the last things you would expect a professional athlete to have.

Well, Shaquille O’Neal has one, and it’s hysterical. You can see a picture of it below, via Deadspin.


“My best asset is that I am proven to lead teams to championships. I mean multiple championships.”

Thanks, Shaq.

I wonder if he has Kobe endorse him for some of his best skills. Or if he would connect with Dwight Howard. These are things we all deserve to know.



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3 Responses to Shaquille O’Neal Has a Hysterical Linkedin Profile

  • Although I’m a Celtics fan since the NBA started in 1946/47, I know the Lakers would have surpassed our 17 titles if it wasn’t for the Wah Wah, Me Me guy, Kobe Bryant! He did the same to Dwight Howard. Bryant has never been a team player and would never last a year with the Celtics. By the way, I moved to California in 1976, leaving Massachusetts and Rhode Island behind. My chief gripe with Laker fans in general, is they don’t even know Laker history. I tell all my friends that LA Lakers only have 11 titles. Minneapolis has the other 5 and owner Bob Short kept the trophies and banners. When I asked hundreds of Laker fans to name one player from the old Lakers, only a couple of years ago, while I was umpiring a young girls softball game that I finally met some one who knew of George Mikan, of DePaul University.

    Good luck in all your endeavors and keep up the good work on NBA television.

    Joe Silva
    Retired Army veteran
    Retired Federal employee
    Die Hard Celtics fan

    P.S. Note: of the 13 players, with the most NBA titles. 9 were Celtics.

  • Say Shaquille, how about I teach you and Charles how to really play some real golf and have tons of fun . Look at the website and give me a call .

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