Shots Fired: Paul George says Chicago’s success is from the Jordan era

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Paul George said the Chicago Bulls success is a thing of the past

The Indiana Pacers, led by Paul George, are on one heck of a streak right now. In fact, with last night’s victory over the Chicago Bulls, the Pacers improved to an all-time best, 5-0. Although we’re only 10 days into the NBA season, that didn’t stop George from sharing his feelings on the “rivalry” between the two teams.

Via Time Blog:

“We want to step away from that shadow as the ‘little brothers’ of this division,” George told “Their success is the Michael Jordan era. This is a new age, this is a new team. It’s ours till they take it.”

Edgy? Good, that’s what the Pacers are going for. It’s why their record – they’re 5-0 for the first time as an NBA franchise, their only previous taste coming in the ABA in 1971-72 – matters, even though the season is 10 days old.

To be fair to the Chicago Bulls, they have had Derrick Rose back for just a handful of games. And we’ve just broken into November so it’s easy to forget we have several months of basketball ahead of us. The Bulls will be just fine and should be battling it out with Indiana for the division crown. I wouldn’t get too confident quite yet, as the Bulls are very capable of not only winning the division, but winning a playoff series against the Pacers. The old adage of “only time will tell” rings very true here.

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