Sixers could help facilitate a Kevin Love to Cleveland deal

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The Cleveland Cavaliers’ goal of adding Kevin Love to the LeBron James/Kyrie Irving equation in C-Town has taken so many twists that most fans viewing from the seat of their pants are probably ready for this entire saga to just end, regardless of what the outcome is. I, for one, am enjoying every second, as the struggle continues to be real for both the Cavs and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

First, it seemed as if the Cavs had only one real foe in acquiring Kevin Love. That being the Golden State Warriors, who were on-again, off-again with the idea of parting ways with shooting-guard, Klay Thompson, as a means to an end in landing Love in the Bay Area. Just about the time those rumors have seemed to die down a bit, the Chicago Bulls stepped in to cause the Cavs a little turmoil, as they shouted their interest in adding love from the top of the Willis Tower.

Now, it seems as if the Philadelphia 76ers have some interest in possibly tossing their hat in the ring and becoming the third team in a potential deal between the Cavs and T-Wolves. Philly’s reported target is Dion Waiters.

So, just in case you’ve found yourself lost in this mess of webbed rumors, and reported babble, that will eventually form the trio of Love/LeBron/Irving in Cleveland… the story seems to be that the Cavaliers would receive Kevin Love (obviously), while the Timberwolves get a package of young players (probably some combination of Andrew Wiggins/Anthony Bennett/Tristan Thompson), plus some first-round draft picks… while Philly plans to grab Dion Waiters out of the deal, while probably moving Thaddeus Young (I assume) to Minnesota. You get all of that?

If this deal does go down, and Philly does land Waiters, then that will give second-year point-guard, Michael Carter-Williams, a reliable shooter, and part-time ball-handler. The Sixers will also get to see Nerlens Noel in action this season, which could make things interesting for a young club, who will be waiting on Dario Saric and Joel Embiid. Imagine a starting five of MCW/Waiters/Saric/Noel/Embiid in 2016? They could evolve into the league’s best starting cast.

Either way, the Kevin Love sweepstakes is heating up, and this recent report makes things all that much juicier.

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2 Responses to Sixers could help facilitate a Kevin Love to Cleveland deal

  • I like Kevin Love as a player, but I think Cleveland is going to give up WAY too much in order to get him. They would be sacrificing so much depth and young talent just to get a third reliable scoring option. If they get Love they will win a few titles, but I think they can win anyway just with the cast they have. PLUS, they would be keeping Wiggins, who could be the best player in the league once LeBron retires. It just doesn’t seem like a worthwhile trade to me. Keep the kids and let them grow.

  • Kevin is a good player notice I said good not great, why he has been a me player not team player. aside from that He is one good player that could be great but if he goes to cleveland then he will always be a product of LaBron James just like at Miami everything was LBJ and now the show goes on in Cleveland and this crap is getting sickning . If Kevan is and wants to be a great player than he should go to Golden State or stay put in Timberwolves country ,But he seem to be hell bent on doing the same thing that LBJ did and that is just a copy cat.Hell if he wants to be a show off “GO TO LAL” Hollywood they need all kinds of help and he would get his name in lights maybe brighter than Kobe’s. Go back to Lake Oswego take in some fresh Oregon air and get some real advice from those that helped you before the NBA.

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